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The Mid-Week Update - Erasing World War II to Set Up World War III? - June 5, 2024

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Donald Trump insists, rightly, that we are closer to World War III than ever. Western leaders, who purport to be celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day this week, are using the occasion to further provoke Russia (while they honor Zelensky, whose Ukrainian military includes the pro-Nazi Azov brigade.)  

Even Time Magazine asked Joe Biden if we are on a slide toward war with Russia. But the elites have no choice but to escalate, because their lawfare is backfiring as the American people recognize that they must stand with Trump. New moves in the Congress to take on the lawfare must now go all the way. 

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Today—if you look for them—you will see the proofs of a crisis of world civilization greater than the collapse of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. The generations of Americans alive today— especially the younger generations—need not ask why they are here. They are here to

Transcript: The Mid-Week Update - Erasing World War II to Set Up World War III? - June 5, 2024

Susan Kokinda: [00:00:00] Hello everybody. This is Susan Kokinda. This is Promethean Actions Midweek Update, and today is June 5th. Joe Biden is currently in France and with other Western leaders will tomorrow commemorate the 80th anniversary of D Day and the subsequent fighting that took place after that. It is obviously traditional that allied powers come together on these occasions.

But in this instance, there's one exclusion and one inclusion. That makes really clear that the global elite would like to erase the real history of World War II as they pursue their policies which could lead to World War III. Missing from the commemoration is Russia. French President Macron, the host, did not extend an invitation to Putin, [00:01:00] whose country saw the death of upwards of 26 million soldiers and civilians alike, as they bought time for the United States, Britain, and other allies to finally prevail against Hitler on the Western Front.

Of course, Macron is playing his role in the ongoing provocations against Russia. So, it's not surprising that he didn't invite President Putin. It's reported that he will use his D Day speech to announce the deployment of French training officers to Ukraine. Although many say they're already there, albeit unofficially.

People who oppose this in France draw the obvious parallels to Vietnam. And one member of the French Assembly made the following point. He said, the problem with red lines is we don't know which one will be the last one. I think this is dangerous. [00:02:00] Then, again, not surprising is the inclusion of Ukrainian leader Zelensky.

That great defender of democracy, who is currently running Ukraine under martial law, under which the recent presidential election last month was canceled. And, of course, the chain of events that led to Zelensky's presidency started with a 2014 U. S. backed coup. against the legitimate government of Ukraine, of which Joe Biden and his son Hunter played major roles.

But aside from the distinctly undemocratic goings on in Ukraine, the even more outrageous aspect of inviting Zelensky to the D Day celebrations is the increasingly public role of pro Nazi formations in Ukraine, like the Azov Brigade. [00:03:00] Britain's former Prime Minister Boris Johnson flaunted that last month by inviting members of the Azov Brigade to the British Parliament.

Johnson proudly held up the flag of the Azov Brigade. Which, derivation from fascist symbols, cannot be missed. So, this so called commemoration of World War II, which is really disgraceful, comes as the march toward World War III escalates. There are now widespread reports that Israel will expand its war northward and launch a military campaign against Hezbollah.

An ex intelligence officer of the Israeli army was quoted over the weekend saying, since we are headed toward world war, since the world is headed toward world war, we should take maximum advantage. And whatever we do will [00:04:00] be measured retroactively in the context of world war. While what is driving this dangerous escalation are two interrelated dynamics.

One is the growing panic of the global elite over Donald Trump's continuing burgeoning support in the United States. Their show trial has backfired. For many. It was the equivalent of a political Pearl Harbor shock propelling new waves of Americans into actions. Lyndon LaRouche often told the story of how he heard about Pearl Harbor, how as a young man he walked into a hotel lobby that Sunday morning, and before he had heard the news, he could tell that something had changed, that people had become bigger.

We spoke to people who reported that after they heard about the conviction, they went home and cried. [00:05:00] And then they became bigger as so many millions of others have demonstrated in the recent days. So the elites have unleashed something in the United States, which they don't know how to stop politically.

Yes, they may try to jail Trump, but he's already outflanked them saying he's ready for that. He's ready to make that sacrifice. And if they do, it will backfire even more. Biden continues to bleed constituencies. A new NPR poll shows Trump pulling ahead of Biden among some layers of younger voters. And Trump's entry onto TikTok, which caters largely to younger people, garnered record numbers of views in the last day or so.

Also driving these political tectonic shifts toward Trump is the brutal reality that Americans are being crushed by the economy. A Bloomberg headline yesterday read, [00:06:00] A majority of middle class Americans say they struggle financially. And a third feel, quote, extreme stress about paying their bills. The ruling class realizes that nothing short of its continued moves toward a global fascist dictatorship is going to stop this.

And that of necessity entails forcing Russia to back down. Russia, one of the most important defenders of national sovereignty, and Christian civilization as we've developed in some of our recent discussions. As we and many others have mooted, this looming confrontation may be the elites version of an October surprise, which could very easily come way before October.

Now, this slide toward war also [00:07:00] could come about as a result of pure strategic senility. Joe Biden just gave an interview to Time magazine. And he blathered the following insanity. He said, and he probably believes this, and perhaps some of his advisors do too, The Russian military has been decimated.

You don't write about this. It's been freaking decimated. Even the Time reporter asked Biden, Is there a danger that NATO is on a slippery slope to war with Russia? And here's our Commander in Chief's response. No, we're on a slippery slope for war. If you don't do something about Ukraine, it's just not gonna, anyway.

Anyway, we're talking about World War III. Contrast that to Donald Trump, who continues to warn that we are [00:08:00] closer to world war than ever before. In a recent interview, he trashed Biden's comment that the greatest threat to the planet is global warming and said that nuclear war is the greatest threat to the planet.

So anyone who wants to commemorate the sacrifices of our soldiers on D Day, let your members of Congress know loudly and clearly that you stand with Donald Trump. And you do not want them playing with their World War III matches. Also let them know that you want them to get serious about stopping the prosecutions of Trump.

Barbara reported in last Saturday's update that 10 U. S. Senators, led by J. D. Vance and Mike Lee, have announced they are no longer going to cooperate legislatively with the Biden administration on anything other than national security, And they are going to vote against judicial nominations, and they are going to vote against any [00:09:00] elements of the lawfare attacks.

This has to spread. Obviously, under enormous pressure, House Speaker Mike Johnson yesterday, Announced several actions to stop the lawfare, including defunding the prosecutors or persecutors of Trump. Our followers probably know that we have been collecting signatures on a petition to do just that for over a year.

We have to massively increase the pressure on Congress to make sure that this is more than a talking point. And to make sure that this is acted on swiftly. Because too much of what goes on in Congress is political performance. You see a Republican Congressman read his prepared gotcha question to someone like Merrick Garland or Anthony Fauci, but they're almost never prepared to follow up, either with a question or a serious investigation.

Two members of [00:10:00] Congress who do know how to follow up are Marjorie Taylor Greene And Matt Gaetz, who did an admirable job with Merrick Garland the other day. But that leads to an interesting proposal, which is floating around. Various people are calling on the Republicans in the House, who of course control the House, to appoint a special counsel for the House to take on the lawfare.

In other words, a congressional equivalent of a White House special prosecutor. Such a counsel would have subpoena powers. And could actually carry out a focused, serious, competent investigation. And the pressure again, has to intensify to force, especially the Republicans in the House of Representatives, to get something done to stop these attacks on Trump. I want to [00:11:00] conclude today with the following observation. While tomorrow, June 6th, is the 80th anniversary of D Day, today, June 5th, is the 56th anniversary of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. I was with his campaign in California that day. at a victory party in San Francisco when we learned about the assassination in Los Angeles.

And that, of course, came just two months after the assassination of Martin Luther King. Those murders and the assassination of John Kennedy, Demonstrated that the enemies of our country desperately fear leaders who challenge their power and their axioms. And today they are desperately fearful of Donald Trump doing that.

But those assassinations not only eliminated those leaders, but they were part of a [00:12:00] full spectrum psychological warfare. Against the American people aimed at completely eradicating the American identity as citizens, as producers, and as masters of our fate. Since his emergence in 2016, Donald Trump has broken that spell and has reawakened that identity, which is becoming strengthened more and more in the American people as each day goes forward.

Last week's conviction clearly accelerated this transformation of the American people into big people, into true citizens. This weekend, June 8th, on Saturday, Promethean Action will be holding its founding conference in Taylor, Michigan, which we will be sharing online. And the focus of that conference is to, [00:13:00] again, accelerate that transformation of the American people into a force that will ensure that Donald Trump is returned to the White House and that he has the power to actually govern and defeat the enemies of mankind once and for all. So we encourage you to participate online and thank you for watching.