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The Mid-Week Update - Star Chamber Justice Convicts Trump, is World War III Next? - May 30, 2024

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Join Susan Kokinda for the Promethean Action's midweek update on May 30th. Dive into the implications of the ongoing jury deliberations in Judge Merchan's New York courtroom, likened to the historical Star Chamber courts of 17th century England. Understand the enduring struggle against the Anglo-Dutch Empire's influence, and the political maneuvers aimed at preventing Trump’s possible return to the White House. Susan discusses potential geopolitical escalations, including a confrontation with Russia and the threat of World War III, with selections from Vladimir Putin's warnings. Featuring insights from Lyndon LaRouche, the episode concludes with a call to action ahead of the upcoming Promethean Action founding conference.


Promethean Action Founding Conference, June 8, 2024
Today—if you look for them—you will see the proofs of a crisis of world civilization greater than the collapse of the Roman Empire two thousand years ago. The generations of Americans alive today— especially the younger generations—need not ask why they are here. They are here to

Transcript: The Mid-Week Update - The American "Star Chamber" - May 30, 2024

Susan Kokinda: [00:00:00] Hello everybody, this is Susan Kokinda. Today is May 30th, and this is Promethean Actions midweek update. And as this update is being recorded, the jury is in its second day of deliberations in the Star Chamber, otherwise known as Judge Merchan's New York City courtroom. Describing the outrageousness of this trial would take up this entire broadcast, and many have already done that.

But I'm going to take a quick minute and look at the infamous Star Chambers, of the 17th century in England itself, because, as is a common theme in our discussions, our struggle as a nation began as a struggle against the Anglo Dutch Empire, and many of the institutions and ideas which continue to undermine our country come from that tradition.

So the star chamber courts were made up of privy counselors to the king. [00:01:00] i. e. his political advisors and a few judges. I'm going to refer to Wikipedia, that great font of unbiased wisdom, where they make the point that the Star Chambers could punish defendants for actions the court felt should be unlawful, even though technically lawful.

In other words, just like in the New York court, there doesn't have to be a crime. So whatever the outcome, and given the nature of the judge's instructions, the widespread belief is that the judge will get what he has been ordered to get, the intention from the privy counselors around Biden that Trump should be labeled as a convicted felon and that somehow this is going to stop his march back to the White House.

Of course, we're seeing the opposite effect, as more and more Americans recognize this for what it is. We saw that in [00:02:00] Trump's triumphant rally in the South Bronx last week. Yet, they can't stop. The enemy can't stop. Why? Well, as Barbara Boyd, the host of our two other weekly briefs, reminded me of recently, Lyndon LaRouche wrote a document when he was sitting in federal prison, in 1990, courtesy of another set of Star Chamber proceedings, which included none other than Robert Mueller, later of Russiagate fame, the document that LaRouche wrote was, quote, He's a bad guy, but we can't say why, which certainly channels the judge's approach in New York. LaRouche asked and answered the question, why?

I think this is extremely important for people to think through. in the current historical crisis that we're in. He said, quote, It is in the nature of any sort of oligarchical [00:03:00] society to descend into self inflicted crises of existential implications. In such crises, there tends to be a quickly spreading popular receptivity born in desperation to consider new ideas.

If there are voices which might qualify as new leaders under such circumstances, important changes may be introduced to society. If such leaders are wanting or have been called beforehand, the old oligarchy will either retain power or soon regain it, and the same old crap goes on all over again. Unquote.

Well, the oligarchy is desperate. And their self inflicted crises are reaching epic proportions. The popular receptivity born in desperation to new ideas erupted first in 2016 with Trump's election as the economic and [00:04:00] social crises intensified. Now they're far, far worse. And as Trump just said in an interview with Dan Bongino, those on the lower incomes can't even live.

So if the lawfare isn't stopping the momentum, what is? Given what's at stake, that is people are ready for a dramatic change. And if properly led, we could break the grip of the globalist system over the United States and implicitly the world. What are they going to do to prevent Trump from running, returning to office and prevent him from carrying out those dramatic changes?

We need to look for something non linear. Some are calling it an October surprise, obviously not restricted to October, maybe more along the lines of the guns of August. Well, how about an escalated direct confrontation with Russia? That would fit the bill. And that is what seems to be emerging [00:05:00] with the Biden administration's open consideration of allowing Ukraine to use U.S. weapons to strike Russia. Yesterday in Moldova, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was asked by a reporter if the U.S. Would drop its opposition to Ukraine using U.S. Weapons for that purpose. He used the phrase, adapt and adjust, and in response to the question, he said, adapt and adjust means exactly that.

We are always making determinations. about what's necessary to make sure that Ukraine can effectively continue to defend itself. Pressure has been building toward this, both from outside the United States and from within. The Secretary General of NATO, Stoltenberg, last week said that to deny Ukraine the possibility of using these weapons against legitimate military [00:06:00] targets on Russian territory makes it very hard for them to defend themselves.

And other European countries are falling in line. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, was asked about Stoltenberg's statement. And he commented that he used to have dealings with Stoltenberg back when he was Prime Minister of Norway. And he said, I'm positive he was not suffering from dementia back then.

But then he makes the more serious point that the use of such weapons would entail using space based reconnaissance, and that such a mission would have to be put together by representatives of NATO countries, not the Ukrainian military. And what Putin said is, these officials from NATO countries should keep in mind that theirs are small and densely populated countries, which is a factor to reckon with [00:07:00] before they start talking about striking deep, deep into Russian territory.

So, Putin has made very clear the extreme danger of this and he's put the Europeans and implicitly Americans on notice. We have to put some congressmen on notice here in the United States. Ten days ago on May 20th. Thirteen congressmen, Democrats and Republicans alike, sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin calling for the authorization of, quote, the use of U.S. provided weapons to strike strategic targets within Russian territory. Let's call them for what they are. This is the World War III Caucus. And as a public service, I'm going to identify them. and suggest that you give any of them a call, especially if they're, if they are in your states. The Republicans who signed this letter [00:08:00] are Mike Turner of Ohio, Darren LaHood of Illinois, Neil Dunn of Florida, Austin Scott of Georgia, French Hill of Alabama, and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania.

The Democrats are Jim Himes of Connecticut, Gerry Connolly of Virginia, Linda Sanchez of California, Rick Larson of Washington, Jason Crow of Colorado, Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania, and Andre Carson of Indiana. And for our friends in Pennsylvania, you had both a Democrat and a Republican on that list. Now we are talking about World War III here.

President Trump keeps stressing that we are closer than ever before. Now, Congress is in their districts right now for the Memorial Day Recess. And I guarantee you they are campaigning for re election. Our marching orders to you are to find them and to make clear to them that this is [00:09:00] complete insanity and that anybody who supports this should not be re elected.

Now one other major player in this is House Foreign Affairs Chairman Mike McCaul from Texas. Two days after the above letter was issued. He confronted Blinken in obviously a staged hearing demanding that the administration change our policy so that Ukraine can fight without one hand tied behind its back.

He also charges that we are allowing Russia a sanctuary space by not allowing the Ukrainians to strike inside Russian territory. By sanctuary space, he's talking about Russian sovereign territory. These people are nuts. Now, McCall boasts of playing a pivotal role in bringing Speaker Mike Johnson around to supporting the Ukraine funding bill, which he [00:10:00] had originally opposed and voted against.

And of course, it was that switch which allowed that last multi tens of billions of dollars of money. to be authorized to go to Ukraine. Johnson echoing McCall said, I think we need to allow Ukraine to prosecute the war any way they see fit. They need to be able to fight back. So again, this World War III mentality is spreading in Congress and we have to stop it.

Now with Mike McCall so much in the center of this, I want to just conclude with some comments about the Texas runoff election, which took place this last Tuesday. Because what you're dealing with with McCaul is, of course, the Bush wing of the Republican Party. Texas is obviously a critical battleground between the emerging Trump led Republican Party and the globalist [00:11:00] Bush interests.

Now, the marquee fight in last Tuesday's runoffs was the fight between the Speaker of the Texas House, a notorious uniparty creature named Dade Phelan, who was running against the Trump backed Brendan Covey. Phelan was previously notorious for having led the unsuccessful charge to impeach the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

And Paxton, of course, is considered to be one of the leading contenders to be Trump's attorney general. So this was an obvious face off. Phelan spent four to five million dollars in the race to win by less than 400 votes. Now, all of the candidates allied with Phelan lost, probably because he had to suck up all the money, which now leads him and his faction severely weakened.

As one pundit said, How do you define a leader with no followers? Well, it's [00:12:00] just a guy out for a walk. So the battle for the soul of the Texas GOP is advancing as it is in so many other places. Organizers with Promethean Action have been in the middle of the fight in the Texas Republican Party, and they recently attended the Texas Republican Convention, making Trump's Agenda 47 policies the spear point of their intervention to transform the party.

And we'll have more on that on our website. Now, in conclusion, let me circle back to that quote by LaRouche, where again, he said, it's in the nature of an oligarchical society to descend into self inflicted crises of existential implications. In those crises, there tends to be a quickly spreading popular receptivity, born in desperation to consider new ideas.

So as we head into the last five months of the race for the [00:13:00] presidency, the question before us is twofold. Will we stop the oligarchy from eliminating Trump as the leadership that can provide the new ideas that we need for a dramatic, one might say, revolutionary transformation of our country back to our founding principles?

But secondly, will there be enough Americans sufficiently versed? in the content of those ideas and the principles which generate them in order to durably implement those ideas now and for the future. Promethean Action will be taking up that challenge at our founding conference on June 8th, which we're happy to announce will be live streamed.

So go to our website for details and thanks for watching.