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The Monday Brief - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil — the Looming War with Russia - June 24, 2024

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We are inching closer and closer to a nuclear confrontation with Russia. Attacks in the last 24 hours which are being attributed by Russia to the United States on Russian soil tell the story. This war has been lost by the Anglo-Americans for months and it seems they would blow up the world to hide that fact from the populations in an election year. Trump seems to be the sole sane man among American leaders denouncing war plans targeting both Russia and China. We need to show Putin that there are sane Americans.

Otherwise we cover the debate on Thursday, the upcoming Supreme Court decisions, a class of what constitutes true American culture and a piece on the website by Tony Papert about why our politicians shadow box with illusions rather than naming, profiling, and taking down the real enemy, the modern British Empire.

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Transcript: The Monday Brief - Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil — the Looming War with Russia - June 24, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi everybody. It's Monday. This is your Monday Brief. This is Barbara Boyd. I'm going to call this Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and basically what I'm talking about here is this will be a very momentous and determinative week in many ways. There's three events of major importance.

The debate on Thursday between Biden and Trump will, in reality, play a significant role in whether Barack Obama gets a fourth term. Significant decisions from the Supreme Court are coming down on Wednesday, which will determine whether the lawfare against Trump and the takedown of our Constitution actually continues.

And third, Americans are waking up to the fact that we are in mortal danger. As of this hour, from the war in Ukraine. That third part is a wish of mine, not yet a fact. How to characterize the buildup [00:01:00] to Thursday's debate. The Democrats are actually encouraging headlines about Joe Biden's senility. So that if he comes out like he did in the State of the Union, enraged and yelling at all of us, but doing so with coherent sentences, propelled by whatever miracle drugs modern medicine is filling him up with.

We'll say he surprised us and is actually capable. Smartly, Trump is not emphasizing his senility or those aspects of things and how he's looking at the buildup to the debate. He's basically trying to increase expectations for Biden and not playing their mind game. As I noted in a piece on Promethean Action, which is posted, the Supreme Court, under total attack from our enemies, will also be making critical decisions starting Wednesday.

They will decide whether a president is immune from [00:02:00] prosecution for acts committed in office and to what extent. As opposed to the stupid line that presidents aren't kings and no one is above the law, which you've heard over and over again. Our founders had a structure which they set up to prevent precisely what is happening now.

A former president is being prosecuted by his successor for things he did as president out of political rancor. Our founders said that can only happen if Congress first impeaches the president and held that impeachment was the remedy for high crimes and misdemeanors, the sole remedy committed by any president while serving.

The Supreme Court will also decide whether Andrew Weisman, the actual prosecutor in the Robert Mueller Russigate probe and the leader of the present persecution of Trump and his supporters regarding J6. Abused the obstruction of justice statutes in using them in the J6 prosecutions and against Donald Trump in that J6 [00:03:00] prosecution.

Weissman has routinely concocted bogus crimes from the obstruction statutes beginning with Enron and then in the Mueller probe and now in J6. You'd think After the courts have thrown him out several times, they ban him from practicing law. Additionally, the Supreme Court will decide whether or not what is called the Chevron Deference Doctrine is actually viable.

That's the doctrine which says that the myriad of administrative agencies who actually control whether anything is built in this country are due any kind of deference by the courts, meaning that they can't be examined for stupid rules which they make, like preserving snail darters rather than building nuclear plants, and that they should get a pass without really being challenged by the courts.

That's up for a decision and could play a major role in what happens to our country going forward. [00:04:00] But, by far, the biggest deal is proceeding largely outside our consciousness, because the regime is running an operation to blind us to the mortal danger we find ourselves in this morning.

Now, Joe Biden recently gave advanced U. S. attack a missiles to Ukraine and authorized their use to strike Russia. Ukrainians don't operate and target these missiles. We do. And the Russians know this. They've commented on it. Yesterday, attack of missiles with attached cluster bombs, which are internationally banned because of their impact on civilians, were used to attack the city of Sevastopol in Crimea.

The attack occurred on a beach filled with sunbathers, not armies. Simultaneously in Dagestan, which is a majority Muslim Russian republic, Christian churches and Jewish synagogues were attacked [00:05:00] by alleged terrorists. This is the practice asymmetric warfare using the Muslim population and attempting to provoke religious wars which have been used against Russia ever since Afghanistan by NATO and the deranged idiots of London and Washington.

Our intelligence agencies have been signaling that they will undertake just this kind of asymmetric warfare inside Russia for months. publishing the facts. So forget about this being some kind of Muslim terrorist attack on Christians and Jews. As we have repeatedly emphasized, we are marching ourselves right into potential nuclear obliteration.

On the one hand, Putin is described as a crazed madman out to destroy the world. On the other hand, we persistently give him reason to do so by our campaign to balkanize and break up the Russian state. Lady Lindsey Graham says that we're doing this because Ukraine has [00:06:00] bountiful rare earth minerals and natural gas reserves which we cannot afford to give to Russia or China.

Really, they must be worth much if you're up for killing off all of humanity for some future alleged pot of gold at the end of the utopian rainbow. That doesn't mean, as some say, that war is a full certainty. Putin continues to sue for peace. He continues to ask for peace. He's even outlined very reasonable terms for peace.

There are factions here who recognize the war is lost, and that Ukraine is being turned into a primitive state without electricity and without men or women. And to stop the bleeding, negotiations must take place. Those people need to be supported here. In the other war, the one which has captured the minds of our young, Netanyahu says the war in Gaza, now smashed almost into oblivion, will wind down [00:07:00] as Israel prepares for the next war with Hezbollah.

This ugly war, the product of decades of manipulation by the empire's intelligence services, has all the media play while the real nuclear danger escalates day by day in the Ukraine war, which they keep telling us Ukrainians are winning, when in reality it is a war of horrible destruction, which was lost months ago, and which will leave Ukraine, if not halted, like Gaza or Dresden after World War II.

A smashed and ruined remnant of itself. If the plans by NATO continue, humanity as a whole will be struggling to survive amongst the dead, the doomed, and the nuclear winter which follows an actual nuclear exchange, something which we seem to have lost sight of. Not Trump, he continues to warn against nuclear war.

He continues to stress the power of these [00:08:00] devastating weapons. He knows it in his deepest heart of hearts. Maybe the plan for Biden Obama to win the election centers on not having an election at all because of some nuclear emergency. I don't know that, but nothing is beyond these folks. In matters of war and peace, we proceed as if ignorant of history and ignorant of the causes for war.

As my colleague Tony Papert points out in a piece posted to our website, even the best of the Republicans like J. D. Vance proceed on the assumption that we shouldn't be in wars in Europe or in the Middle East. Those neighborhoods should take care of themselves. We have to save our resources for a war with China.

Trump says no to that. He says, even as recently as an interview on the All In podcast, I can get along with Putin. I can get along with China. We can compete with them, but we can get along. That opens the door to [00:09:00] looking at the true empire, as Tony emphasizes, the true enemy, the British Empire. Tony's piece outlines how this empire has operated throughout history.

And what the assumptions about reality are, it implants in those who are its subjects. What its institutions are now, the families, the foundations, not the governments who actually serve this apparatus presently. Think about Lyndon LaRouche's four-power alternative. Unite the burgeoning economies and populations of the world.

Unite China, Russia, India, and the United States. And destroy the British Empire. Britain, Delandia, Est. It's not the British people, as Tony emphasizes, but an empire, a usurous collage of financiers which have dominated reality, throughout entire periods of human history. We have a huge task [00:10:00] before us, rebuilding our nation, but that means also recognizing our true enemy, the modern British financier empire, profiling it like a hunted animal and denying it any further sustenance.

That go on the offensive marching order, which I just gave, a prize across the board for all patriots. Profile, understand, track, and legally attack the vote fraud apparatus. Don't moan about it or give up. Profile, understand, track, and legally attack their defamation apparatus, like the New York Times and other attacks on General Flynn over the weekend, or all of the efforts to Pit the grassroots against the established Republican party.

These are classic FBI COINTELPRO tactics made possible by the FBI claiming that the MAGA base are terrorists. This must be attacked and taken out. before the election. [00:11:00] But most of all, recognize where all this stupid warfare and U. S. hegemon ideology comes from. It is the British Empire and it's fighting for its life right now.

As I noted in my Saturday update, even Obama's people, like Ben Rhodes, recognize they are losing. But they are preparing to simply shed the persona of the nation state and live the reality of what they would like the U. S. to become at best, what has been Obama's goal throughout, a degraded zone of the modern British Empire, a degraded economic zone of the modern British Empire, Not a nation state.

That's what the attack on American culture through unhinged immigration and the drugging, sexualization, and bestialization of the population represents. For the real American culture, I'd like you to take a look at Bob Ingram's class from Saturday, which is up on our website. He talks about [00:12:00] What is American culture?

What is it that a republic gives its citizens in terms of independence of thought, curiosity, invention, and constantly seeking the frontier for new discoveries? Targeting the right enemy, understanding it, hunting it down and taking it out, executing that task alone will save us now from the mortal danger of Biden, Obama, and their British sponsors have created. Showing Putin there are some sane Americans, maybe our last best hope here.

That's the marching orders and the Monday update. I'll see you again on Saturday to see how the week went. Thanks a lot for listening. Please go to Promethean Action and join us throw in what other tips or funding you can give us.

We're on a roll here in terms of winning back the United States.