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The Saturday Wrap-Up - G7 Gathering of Ghouls, Putin's Warning of Catastrophic War - June 15, 2024

G7 leaders meet in Italy to advance Ukraine war, ignoring Russian peace conditions. The US agrees to fund the war with stolen Russian assets, threatening dollar based global financial stability. Meanwhile, Trump celebrates his birthday and visits Detroit.

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The G7 leaders, most of whom in the last weeks have been repudiated by their populations, gathered in Italy to advance their lost war in Ukraine. Biden attempted to lock the U.S. in for ten years while the G7 effectively stole frozen Russian sovereign assets to fund the war. This throws the entire dollar based financial system into potential chaos. Putin outlined very reasonable peace conditions which were immediately rejected in favor of a dangerous series of new escalations. Putin said Russia would respond and this represented a dangerous turn which could result in catastrophe for the world. Trump celebrated his birthday and went on a unity campaign ahead of governing with business leaders, Senators, and Congressmen in Washington. There is increasing Congressional activity aimed at defunding the Trump prosecutions and increasing revelations about the prosecutions' illegitimacy. Expect good things to come from today's Trump visit to Detroit.

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A G7 Gathering of Ghouls and Putin’s Dire Warning of World War III
You would think with this array of incompetent failures, despised by their populations, there would be some humility in making pronouncements about how the world should be. Nope. The arrogance of power and the now palpable desperation to maintain it were the biggest takeaways from this event…

Transcript: The Saturday Wrap-Up - G7 Gathering of Ghouls, Putin's Warning of Catastrophic War - June 15, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] The G7 is concluding a momentous meeting basically what they decided was to continue the Ukraine war and even to escalate it at the same time as Ukraine itself is prone, completely defeated, and has no basis for even fighting back against Russia. I go into that at some length in a post today, but the things I want to underline is, number one, this was literally what you might call a gathering of ghouls.

Everybody in the G7, aside from Italy's prime minister. is about to be thrown out of office in one way or another. They are truly people who are hated and despised by their populations. The European parliamentary elections showed that most emphatically in terms of Germany and France. In England Sunak is scheduled for election [00:01:00] in July and he's going to lose.

So you would think the fact that you have this gathering of has beens the authors really of the continuing war with Russia, that they'd have a little bit of humility and step back and say, let's take a look here and reassess both what's happening on the ground and in reality. And what our populations are telling us in terms of the fact that nobody wants any more of this war.

Most people recognize that we're playing with the fate of thermonuclear World War III. That's what President Trump has repeatedly emphasized. So that's the backdrop. What do we have? We have Biden going in there and inking a 10 year agreement to provide basically Ukraine with funding with support in terms of intelligence for its defenses, with armaments and essentially trying to Trump proof this entire evil, [00:02:00] genocidal process which is going on, which has decimated the Ukrainian population.

He's very much afraid, as are most of the European leaders, that this is all going to be gone and exposed, most importantly, for its reality once Trump gets into office. So they're trying now to create conditions whereby nothing can change. And in fact, what they're doing is putting the entire world on a nuclear trigger.

On top of that, they took the frozen Russian assets, which they froze back at the start of the war and with earlier sanctions, and use them to collateralize a loan to continue funding the Ukraine war to the tune of some 50 billion dollars. They're using the interest on the seized Russian assets as the way to actually say they're going to pay back this loan.

It's unclear where the loan money is actually coming from. That really [00:03:00] hasn't been disclosed. But it's a theft, pure and simple. A theft which overturns the understandings which have underlined the entire dollar based financial system. The dollar as the world's reserve currency is supposed to be politically neutral.

This is not the type of thing which should happen. Now Putin's response to this was immediate. He said in response to a meeting of Russia's foreign ministers yesterday on Friday. That this represented, quote, a dangerous turn of events, and that the world was, quote, close to a point of no return. Calls to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, which has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons, demonstrates the extreme adventurism of Western politicians.

They either do not understand the scale of the threat they themselves create, or are simply [00:04:00] obsessed with a belief in their own impunity and their own exclusivity, and both can turn into a tragedy, he said. With respect to the loan, he called it plain theft. He said, despite all the chicanery, Theft will certainly remain theft and it will not go unpunished.

He called for the creation of a new global security architecture and said he is willing to talk with anyone about this, including NATO. And he said this, he has said this repeatedly while he outlined Russian conditions for a negotiated settlement of the war. He said, basically, that Russia is ready and willing to negotiate tomorrow to end the conflict, provided that Ukrainian troops are withdrawn from several key territories which Russia now controls.

He was referring to Donetsk, Luhansk Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia, all of which have had referenda to join the [00:05:00] Russian Federation, along with Crimea. He emphasized that this meant the entire territory of these areas within their administrative borders as they existed at the time of their incorporation into Ukraine.

He also demanded that Ukraine give up all plans to join NATO, saying that the responsibility for the continuation of bloodshed would fall on the West if his proposal was rejected. Now, he said that as soon as Kiev said that they're ready for such a decision and such negotiations, Russia would end the war. The shooting would stop.

But he also said that if the Ukrainians and the West continued in their escalations, Russia in turn would escalate. Now, Putin's conditions and warnings were immediately rejected by the fools of the G7. Who are pushing a fake peace settlement conference in Switzerland, which begins today.

And [00:06:00] to which Russia has not been invited. Which simply underlines the mad fakery involved in this entire narrative creation fiasco. So, as he said, the world stands at a turning point. and a very, very serious one. The European parliamentary elections signaled that in Europe there is also brewing a massive rejection of the war, particularly in Germany, where the AFD came in second and the Greens and the SPD, which formed the governing coalition, faded into relative obscurity.

The AFD's polling indicated a vast gain in the youth vote, which led really why they gained any vote at all. And the exit polling indicated the concern against the war spreading was the primary factor in the vote. All across Europe, the destroyers of economy, i. e. the Greens, and [00:07:00] now the most significant group supporting the war in Ukraine, i. e. the Greens, were defeated.

That means that we here in the United States now must begin to actually form a very public anti war movement out in the streets and telling Putin that the United States itself has some hope, that we are not totally insane, that we do not want this war condition. And I think that the Trump movement is very, very capable of leading that fight.

The second thing I want to emphasize, you might call a storyline called Mr. Trump Goes to Washington. And I'll be posting on this a little bit later on today. First of all, happy, happy birthday, Mr. President. Yesterday, of course, was Donald Trump's birthday. He spoke to the business round table. With businessmen increasingly recognizing that a continuation of Biden's economic policies dooms the United States [00:08:00] as the continuation of such nonsense as seizing Russian assets does the same.

He also met with both the House and the Senate. Now, many people in the Trump base may step back for a second and say, what the hell is going on given that he shook Mitch McConnell's hand and, you know, had wonderful, wonderful talks with all of his prior enemies in the Senate. I think we need to grow up here a bit and realize that Trump is ready to govern.

He needs to have a Senate on his side to govern. He can't face the type of sabotage he had in his first term. And that responsibility lies very much with you and me. That we actually shed our littleness and devote ourselves to becoming leaders and that we take our senators and our representatives and keep them in line throughout 2025 and beyond because the real [00:09:00] issue here is saving this nation.

The real mission is saving this nation. And to do that, sometimes you've got to take a gulp, you've got to put your ego and other things aside, and you've got to really focus on the center point, of the battle, the means to victory, what you have to do to actually win. So, I think that this was a remarkable trip.

At the same time, there is increasing pressure which clearly he put on for the House to end and defund all of these phony prosecutions and to begin to examine the dismantling of the deep state, the totalitarian fiasco, perfected under Obama and brought into maturation when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States in 2016, that entire apparatus has to be examined and taken apart.

And increasingly there's freak outs by Politico and others [00:10:00] indicated that Mike Johnson and the House. It's finally getting serious about this, finally getting serious about defunding this ridiculous attack on our sovereignty. And so again, I say to all of you, bringing that about is really up to us, keeping these people honest and assisting on what must be done is really up to us.

We are, after all, the Prometheans, the firebringers, the people who could bring about the actual change which the country needs in order to survive. Trump will be in Detroit today. We are on the ground there. We anticipate really, really interesting happenings. He will be at Turning Point giving a speech, and he's also scheduled to hold a round table at a black church in Detroit.

That is indeed exciting news. It indicates exactly the type of what we have called here at Promethean PAC, the necessity of stealing the democratic base, i. [00:11:00] e. luring people back into reality, luring people back into the defense of our country at a point where if we don't mount this defense, if we don't win this election, and then steel ourselves to go on to govern, this country could very well be finished.

And that, indeed, are the stakes in this election. So, it's sobering. You have an elite which has brought us on a path to war, which, now, in Europe, stands to expand if we don't stop it. In Israel and Palestine, again the war continues. It keeps spreading. There is a stalemate. Essentially now Israel and Hezbollah are about to open a very dramatic second front, which could spread to the entire Middle East with all of the economic ramifications of that.

It's a sobering picture of an elite basically in decline. An elite [00:12:00] basically holding on to power like an old, old man who is cynical, ruthless, and who has lost his soul, and holds on to power with a death grip, which unfortunately, probably includes you and me, if we don't turn this thing around.

But at the same time, it's a happy time. Happy birthday, Mr. President, and look at the optimism which you see coming about with Turning Point's ability to actually begin the recruitment of youth, although that organization should never be alone in that and the actual embrace of rebuilding our cities, a key part of Agenda 47, which I'm sure the president will discuss today in Detroit.

So, see you on Monday, and look for these posts on our website, which will go into what I'm talking about here in a little bit more detail. That's your Saturday Wrap.