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The Saturday Wrap-Up - The "I Am Spartacus" Moment in the United States - June 1, 2024

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The New York verdict was a shock of a different kind. Many in America woke up and realized where they were for the first time. Of the $60 million raised by Trump overnight, one third was from new people who saw this was not the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is clear that our would be overlords will do everything to remain in power, jail the leading Presidential candidate, commence a World War in Ukraine. Like our forefathers and others at Great Moments in history we must take the Cup of Gethsemane and fight now with big ideas to build a different future. In the movie, Spartacus, the Romans ask for the leader of the rebellion to be handed to them. They are thwarted when thousands announce," I am Spartacus," Winning is imminently possible now. It begins with that total commitment.

Transcript: The Saturday Wrap-Up - The "I Am Spartacus" Moment in the United States - June 1, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. It's Saturday, wrapping up a very, very, very momentous week. Obviously, the lead item is the horrendous legal atrocity which occurred in New York City. We predicted it would happen, and if you go to the Promethean Action and Promethean PAC website, you'll see an analysis of the completely fake and bogus nature of that trial.

I want to talk about something a little bit different, which A lot of people aren't talking about. I want to talk about the 12 jurors because I think that determined the entire trial. You can talk about all sorts of things, about how the case was invented, about how it was made up law, about how nobody wanted to bring it that it's brought literally as election interference and nothing else, but I think there's something more important at stake here, which is that those 12 people knew, that essentially [00:01:00] if they voted for rationality, if they voted for the truth, their lives in terms of New York City would be over. This is a poisonous, rotten, and horrible culture which has been imposed upon us by those who would turn this country against us. Into the type of totalitarian state which George Orwell only imagined in 1984.

What they were thinking about is, what will my friends and neighbors say if I vote for the truth? Now, most people in this country, if you're familiar with the movie, Twelve Angry Men, It's all about a jury deliberation. Henry Fonda plays the star, the hero because what he does is he holds out against all of the rationalizations, the cowardice the go along to get along attitudes of the rest of the jurors.

He holds [00:02:00] out and ultimately convinces them to go for the truth. Now, most of us, most Americans, because it's kind of in our blood, it's what the Constitution tells us about ourselves, would like to say that they're the Henry Fondas of this world that they would not have exhibit the type of cowardice which was on display in New York City and in the jurors and 12 angry men.

That's why they'd like to actually live what it is to be an American, supposedly in that situation. We're independent, we're rebellious, we're unswayed except for truth. We like to organize and evangelize our fellow citizens only for the truth. That's really our heritage, our cultural heritage, which is coming to light at this point in the reaction to this horrendous atrocity and verdict. [00:03:00]

Overnight, the Trump campaign raised over $54 million and counting. I think it's 60 million by now. One third of that. was new people, people who'd never contributed to a political campaign before. So we have people out there asking us, which they have, asking anybody, what can I do? Where do I sign up? Where do I go?

It's kind of like what Lyndon LaRouche once described as the Pearl Harbor impact of World War II. People who never thought of it before were going to the recruiting stations and saying, where do I go? Where do I sign up? The question is, are we organized to actually take that group of people and are they organized to actually meet the task, which is before us?

It's clear. They will assassinate Donald Trump if they can. [00:04:00] They have to head off this movement. They will do anything possible to remain in power. Anything and everything is before us. What state of mind must we have? Are we followers? Or are we going to take upon ourselves what Jesus Christ once described as, and is described as, taking the cup of Gethsemane, taking the overall fate of the nation onto our shoulders, because that really is the only way You circumvent this plot.

It is individual citizens taking responsibility for the fate of the republic and acting on that. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're at war, and expressions of patriotism in this situation are not enough. We've got to organize. We've got to go out. We've got to talk to our friends and neighbors across all political stripes.

We've got to do what Benjamin Franklin said was [00:05:00] our duty, keeping a republic, which has all sorts of components to it. You cannot be passive anymore because they will come for you too. You must fight and you must fight in a focused fashion. Now we in the LaRouche movement formerly have been through this before.

It happened to us, not in the same way it's happened to Trump and not under the same conditions by far, but we fought through it and we learned that it's not the end of the world, that you can be afraid, but you can overcome that fear and that you do it by actually going to friends, which you've had in history, the people who fought in similar situations before.

There is a whole historical tradition which led to our republic. That you must know. Like the back of your hand, that is really knowing what our forefathers knew is really your field manual [00:06:00] for fighting this battle. It's not only that great amounts of money were raised, which is important, but you're also beginning to see, finally, finally, some action in this rotten Congress of ours.

Now we have called very specifically for a couple of things in Congress. One, All of these things against Trump must be defunded. They must be shocked. No more shocks delivered to us. They must be shocked. No more money to them. And any Congressman who's not on board with that isn't worth your vote come November.

There has to be a mass movement behind this. Second, it became very, very clear this week that the other front, which they're trying to open up, is a war in Europe. You had the crazy Biden, actually, Okaying the use of American armaments directly against Russia in Ukraine. Yes, he said, right now [00:07:00] it's only around Kharkiv, but the French, the British, and everyone else are literally playing with nuclear war at this point to keep themselves in power.

Why? Well, because if the actual nature of this war were told to the populations, the actual horror of this war, the actual decimation of the entire Ukrainian population, the effort which is long standing to dismember Russia led by the British, keeping us like a, a crazed animal in tow, unable to actually articulate for ourselves what our strategic interest is there.

For the British and the British Empire, this goes back centuries. It is the way they structure it is the question of internationalism or globalism or a rentier finance oligarchy. Versus Nationalism, Sovereign Nation States, and the Republic, the Republican Movement for which we stand. [00:08:00] We're going to be talking a lot about this at our upcoming conference in Detroit, in, not in Detroit, but actually in Michigan coming up on June 8th.

In the Congress itself, Ten senators have come out and actually said, for the first time in the Senate, we will not be accomplices to this rape of our republic. We will not be accomplices to the use of the judicial system as a cudgel to actually stage lawfare on the American people. Those ten senators have said they will not cooperate any further at any further appropriations or judicial appointments or any appointments at all.

Literally by the Biden administration until this stops. That's a good first step. Senators Vance, Johnson, Lee, Hawley, Tuberville, Blackburn, Marshall, Eric Schmidt, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio have started this and must become a cascade. The [00:09:00] Democrats have turned the judicial system into a cudgel. And that has to stop.

We've destroyed something very, very fundamental in our republic. You know, I could go through at great length the rational analysis of the trial. But, the fundamental thing that shocked me, having been through a trial before in New York, Is the complete difference that exists there now. We had a trial in New York by a judge who didn't like us very much, but he was imbued in the tradition of actually doing justice, despite the fact that he didn't like us very much.

He listened. He moved on the basis of rationality. He moved on the basis of that great spirit of impartial justice, which exist as a crown jewel of that city no more. That's what shocked me. Something very, very fundamental has been lost. He concluded by the way, after [00:10:00] looking at all of the evidence that there was a conspiracy, of the federal government and state prosecutors in New York to lay low Lyndon LaRouche at any cost, as he put it. And for that, the Democratic Party in New York refused to carry petitions for his nomination, one way in which that kind of courage was actually punished back then. Now, your life is over because New York has become something of a garrison fascist state based not on any type of armaments, but simply based on opinion.

And that's what's going on right now around this case. Now, in the world, aside from Ukraine, you have the war going on in Israel. Biden came out foolishly and announced that Israel had given a peace plan to Hamas for further negotiation, which he said was sponsored by Israel. [00:11:00] He did it on the Sabbath, which was just before the Sabbath, so Israel couldn't respond.

And of course, Netanyahu came right back and said, you are a fool. Israel has its own game here. And he embarrassed, once again, the fool who is the present president of the United States. Nothing could be more indicative of the type of cultural collapse which Joe Biden is sponsoring than the fact that we built a pier in Gaza, allegedly to give aid to the starving Palestinians, and within a week, the pier had drifted away because there was bad weather.

The great and vaunted Army Corps of Engineers who used to inhabit West Point would truly be appalled. So, that's where the world sits at this point, on this Saturday. After the Trump verdict.

People [00:12:00] ask, what can I do? What we say is organize, now! Go out and talk to your friends and neighbors. Volunteer, find the campaign, find the campaign and volunteer for it. If they don't have the capacity to take you in at this point, do your own thing. Again, Organize your friends, neighbors, et cetera. Find us.

Find other people. There are many of them out there organizing right now, today. Join them. We need mass action at this point. We need you to act. There's a story, which a lot of people tell, about the movie Spartacus. And if you remember what that was about It was about a slave revolt by people who'd been trained for entertainment of the Romans, who were gladiators.

And when the Romans finally came after the slaves had been defeated they asked, basically, for [00:13:00] Spartacus to be turned over, to them for the obvious execution, et cetera. And each and every one of them said, I am Spartacus. I am Spartacus. I will take responsibility for the revolt and the nation.

That's what we need now in terms of Donald Trump. He cannot, as we often say, do it alone. He needs both an intelligentsia who knows how to make a fundamental change in our society, which we're very skilled at at this point here at Promethean Action in thinking about and proposing. He needs also people dedicated to that proposition.

I am Spartacus. Now's the time to do that. So that's your Saturday Wrap. We'll keep you updated and we'll see you again on Monday.