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The Monday Brief - "Easter Reflections, NO TO UKRAINE WAR!" - April 1, 2024

Sickened by Trans Visibility on Easter, Biden, Obama and Bill Clinton celebrated their subservience to the oligarchy by preening for millions more in electoral graft at the same time as an entire city mourns a young police officer killed by their policies?

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Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Good morning, everybody. It is Monday, and this is your Monday Brief the day after Easter which will have a little bit of significance of what we're talking about today. Dan Bongino reminded me last week, I came across one of his various broadcasts, podcasts, and what he said is, elections are not won or lost except through images which really stick in people's minds and which they can't really forget.

And in that sense, last week really provided us with two, I would say, iconic pieces of imagery. The first is the thing which is being talked about all over the internet today, the juxtaposition of the holy day of Easter Sunday in the Christian religion and the celebration by the Biden White House in much more ostentatious terms [00:01:00] of Trans Visibility Day.

It is really quite a striking contrast as to where this country actually stands today and the need for a complete revolution to bring us back to where we once were so that we might move forward. The three Abrahamic religions represent the cultural underpinnings, the sacred cultural underpinnings of the highest achievements of mankind.

They celebrate the divine relation between human beings and God. And in the Christian religion, posit that men and women participate in God's highest continuing creation. Trans Visibility Day, celebrated by the Biden administration much more generously than Easter, typifies the late Roman Empire characteristic [00:02:00] of the current White House occupants.

Insane, sexually obsessed pagans who believe themselves honestly to be God. Second, last week we saw the tragic death of New York City police officer, Jonathan Dillers, a young man. With his life ahead of him, a young man with a one year old son, a young man gunned down based on the policies pursued by the woke culture of the Bidens, the Obamas, the Clintons, and New York City in general, at this point, overall. You saw, if you watched the funeral processions or saw the numerous outpourings of support, including President Trump's visit to Jonathan Diller's wake. You saw the best of New York City in the [00:03:00] form of the firemen, the cops, the police, the numerous workers who sat on bridges, who sat in streets, who sat in the rain and actually saluted this young man as his funeral procession moved through the city.

Across town, the very same day as his wake. You had three of our most recent presidents, Clinton, Obama, and Mussolini, Joe, all gathered together to reap 26 million dollars from Wall Street's elite and Hollywood's finest to once again, enthroned and incompetent in the presidency of the United States.

Yeah, they were there. They were cool. That's what they intended to portray these three presidents, but we remember them for what they did. Clinton, really the author of globalization, the author of the beginning destruction of Russia, which led [00:04:00] to the current war. Obama, the author of identity politics and gender politics, and the savior of Wall Street and The Rich in 2008, the guy who gave us our present bailouts and wars as a cultural tradition. Obama Biden or Biden Obama, whichever way you put it, that's what's actually working here. It's just more of the same. Things like Trans Visibility Day, on Easter. Things like coming for your children to convert them to the cult which these people actually belong to.

Now tomorrow, we're going to open our drive to defeat any more funding for their insane Ukraine war. A war which has destroyed Ukraine. Over half of the population has fled. What's left is pensioners or those who have been killed, i. e. the dead bodies of our [00:05:00] wonderful liberalization war for democracy, as Biden put it.

What's left is a Germany and a Europe destroyed because we cut their sources of energy on behalf of the Green New Deal. And now basically you have no more European economies and thankfully a rising revolt in Europe against exactly these green policies. And we have a shot here of reversing all of this.

We have a shot here of saying no to this war in particular, as it actually characterizes most of our recent wars in Europe. on behalf of British interests, on behalf of the British Empire for the United States. Now, what we're going to be doing is we're going to be really campaigning on this. Congress comes back, not this Tuesday, but next Tuesday.

When they come back, what are they going to ask for? They're going to ask for funding of the war. Ah, for you budget hawks in the Republican Party. We're not going to do it with the [00:06:00] people's money. We're going to take the stolen Russian assets, i. e. the frozen Russian assets from the central bank, and we're going to seize them, and we're going to use that to actually fund the war.

A declaration of war on our behalf against the value of the dollar. Remember, if your currency is the basis for an international system of settling all debts and monetary accounts, it has to be neutral. It cannot be partisan. And by doing this, you are inviting everyone who has not been with us in this insane journey, in the Ukraine war to leave the dollar.

That's already going on. And if the dollar is lost as a settler of economic matters throughout the world, it's not some kind of just a small thing that will happen. The entirety of your financial existence will be totally and completely [00:07:00] upended because you see the dollar is at the center of the entire way the British empire has actually run things since the second world war.

So we're going to be doing almost an old fashioned teach in to give you the ammunition you need to go talk to your congressman and to convince them in no uncertain terms that Ukraine war funding is a no go, an absolute total no go, that the people of the United States will not stand for it, that we're not about, like you, to go out and shoot ourselves in our head by actually killing the dollar.

Which is really the kind of thing which you people who are running things seem to be good at, i. e. having these fantasies about what certain things that will happen and then turning all to blow up to our ultimate disadvantage. We're ending that and we're ending it right now with this first vote to end Ukraine funding.

It will be a big fight. [00:08:00] Congress is corrupt, but I think if the people actually come to the fore and it is the people after all who run things, that's what our constitution says, I think we have a pretty good chance of stopping this thing, both using Republicans and Democrats and other people who have their minds left in this crazy world we live in.

I think there's a very big opportunity to do that. I think President Trump will be for it. I think he is for it. He has vowed no more wars, particularly ones which could lead to nuclear war. Immediately, what we have in Europe is that we have crazy people running around talking about deploying troops on the ground in Ukraine, since the war is recognized as lost by Ukraine.

That in turn is a Russian red line. That in turn could lead to nuclear conflagration. That's what we're trying to head off here, and we're going to expose every single element [00:09:00] which went into creating this extremely perilous situation for mankind. You might ask yourself, is there any way, after what we've experienced under these three presidents, who everybody gave money to, who's part of our democratic, really the democratic dictatorship which we're suffering under, You may wonder, is there anything like a sane foreign policy for the United States?

Yes, there is. I believe that President Donald Trump has envisioned one. I think it's very much along the lines of one envisioned by Lyndon LaRouche. First, create. economic stability by having once again a gold based international financial system based on stable long term abilities to generate credit.

Second, work with the Russians and the Chinese and everybody else to develop the types of weapons, beam weapons, the SDI of Reagan, the SDI of LaRouche, the [00:10:00] SDI now talked about by Trump, to render these nuclear weapons obsolete. Third, work to actually develop the developing sector as part of building a robust economy again, in the United States, capable of exporting capital goods, capable of building infrastructure, capable of the greatest scientific discoveries.

That's what's embodied in Trump's agenda 47. That's what we're determined to bring into being. Now, the second thing which Congress will be looking at and debating when they come back on Tuesday is FISA reauthorization. Again, that's hard no. They should actually have to go get a warrant. No excuses, no nonsense from the Intelligence Committee if they intend on surveilling a United States citizen.

Period. End of story. What they're looking to do, is essentially, backstop, and formalize and create eternally [00:11:00] our present surveillance regime. That has to stop now. That fight begins by outlawing this type of surveillance of Americans under Section 702 or under Executive Order 12333.

Thanks a lot for listening. I hope to see you next time. next week and please go to our website because we're going to be featuring a lot of the meat on the bones which I have laid out for you today. Thanks a lot and happy Easter.