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The Saturday Wrap-Up - Bombshells are coming, just a little bit too slowly - May 4, 2024

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Bombshells Explode on Bogus Trump Prosecutions. Too Slowly, But Bombshells Nonetheless
The most important dynamic from the last week involves the too slow in development proofs demonstrating that the present prosecutions of Donald J. Trump are exactly what he says they are: a cold coup against the presidency of the United States undertaken in 2015 and continuing and expanding to include

Barbara's Accompanying Post

This week's Saturday wrap-up starts by stating the most obvious reflection from the week:  Donald Trump continues to rise in the polls and in support from the American population despite everything the regime is throwing at him.  We touch on the strategic situation noting that the Ukraine war continues as nothing but a killing field for Ukrainians as NATO fights the last war.  By contrast, Russia has mobilized economically in depth, the requirement for winning wars, something which NATO and the United States no longer seem to consider.  In Israel, we await the response to the latest, seemingly last hope peace initiative.  Gaza is now in actual famine conditions and the planned incursion into Rafah will only spark a wider war.

The student demonstrations and riots which have occupied the U.S. news media throughout the week have the usual assortment of outside agitators and tactics to spark popular uproar.  True to form, Republicans in Congress seem intent on replaying Richard Nixon’s 1972 campaign model, mobilizing the “silent majority” against student radicals although that has little bearing on the present situation.  The silent majority is awake and most young people view the Middle East violence as low in their priorities. In a shameful bipartisan vote, Congress adopted a resolution against anti-Semitism which censures and penalizes any criticism of Israel in contravention of the First Amendment.

Trump is in Florida today meeting with potential vice-presidents, donors, and working on election integrity.  The New York criminal case, a travesty, does not seem to have touched him with the prosecution seemingly on a campaign to discredit convicted perjurer and disbarred lawyer, Michael Cohen, their star witness.  We take a deeper look at the unraveling of the Florida documents case against Trump and its implications.  Across the pond, Britian seems about to elect a labor government.  These have proved to be just as vicious in their dedication to imperialism as the conservatives in post war history.  The economic crisis is deepening across the world.  Only the type of economic mobilization Trump proposes can get us out of this crisis.

Transcript: The Saturday Wrap-Up - Bombshells are coming, just a little bit too slowly - May 4, 2024

Barbara Boyd: [00:00:00] Hi, everybody. Today's Saturday, the 4th and this is your Saturday wrap up for the week.

The theme we're talking about today is that while the attacks on Donald Trump continue he keeps rising in the polls. He keeps going out to meet his constituencies in the midst of the huge offensive against him more and more encouraging to the population itself in terms of recognizing that this is indeed an American uprising of the working and middle classes against those who've tried to enslave them who, have failed to keep them from sleeping through it. And now the population is very, very much awake. And we have bombshells dropping all over the place basically revealing the hidden hands behind the entire coup against Trump dating from 2015.

The only problem here is that the bombshells are coming a little [00:01:00] bit too slowly. I just wrote a piece which we posted on the Promethean Action website sometime this afternoon detailing what Julie Kelly has found in terms of the Mar a Lago case against Trump. You can read it on the website, but I'll just summarize it as follows.

The whole case is a setup which was conceived in the Biden White House from its earliest days and laundered through the National Archive, not what you've been told about this whole thing. The whole case is an entrapment in which the federal judge down there, Judge Irene Cannon seems determined to expose, and my piece shows you what's found in the now unclassified documents which Judge Cannon has put out to the public. There's nothing to the case except for entrapment, which tends to be the whole situation we're finding over and [00:02:00] over and over again.

Now, across the world, we continue in crisis. We have the situation in Ukraine where the Ukrainian soldiers and army are being pummeled because they have no air defenses. They have no more people. This is all a result of the Joe Biden British policy to attempt to bleed Russia. And instead, What's being revealed over and over and over again is that Russia has run an in depth economic mobilization where we've sat on our hands and allegedly fought the last war against terrorists, and nothing that NATO or the United States can do at this point is going to save the world. The Ukrainian people from the war, which we actually provoked against them.

There are new and startling revelations coming out about the coup, [00:03:00] which led to the current war in Ukraine in 2014, showing that the CIA and John Brennan were up to their ears to the thing in addition to our State Department, but most importantly, also the British government.

With respect to the British as usual, they continue to fan the flames. David Cameron, the foreign minister of Britain yesterday, said that Ukraine should actually use the British missiles which are being supplied to them against Russia. The story was put up on Reuters and then taken down, obviously based on a state secrets protest that Cameron had screwed up, but that's exactly the type of red line which can lead to a European wide war.

In Israel, Everything remains on tinder hooks over the weekend as to whether Hamas will accept the latest offer as shepherded by the [00:04:00] Egyptians for a ceasefire, release of all the hostages, release of numerous Palestinian and Hamas prisoners from Israeli jails. And what will happen over that. Today, as opposed to the last week, the chitchat in the press is very positive.

We'll just have to see. What is being threatened, of course, by the right wing in Israel is essentially that if this is agreed to, they will withdraw from the government. and throw the whole government into chaos in the midst of a war. That's the background for the student demonstrations we see going on in the United States, obviously fed and inflamed by outside agitators, but nonetheless based on a very real circumstances.

Cindy McCain who's the current envoy for the United Nations Food Program basically the wife of former Senator John McCain, is reporting that there is [00:05:00] now actual famine throughout Gaza. Actual famine, I'll repeat that, throughout Gaza, an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe. The, situation here on the college campuses remains very much a situation in which people are playing it from all sides.

The Republicans in Congress, of course, passed this absurd resolution against anti Semitism last week based on the uproar around the riots but which is actually a fulsome attack on free speech, a fulsome attack on any criticism of Israel. They seem to, the rhinos in the Congress, seem to be attempting to replay Richard Nixon's 1972 election strategy of campaigning against student demonstrations and not much else and mobilizing what they thought was the silent majority.

The [00:06:00] problem is the strategy doesn't fit. The majority is not silent anymore. The majority is very much awake and actually uniting behind Donald Trump because they recognize in terms of the economy and everything else that's facing them, unless there is a drastic change, the United States will descend even further into a dark age, perhaps one which we can't escape from.

In the New York trial of Trump, this is proving to be the ridiculous thing that it is. I've been following it very closely. So far, it hasn't really touched Donald Trump at all, in my humble opinion. And instead has mostly been an attempt to bolster apparently the credibility of their lead witness, who is this convicted perjurer and liar, Michael Cohen, by attacking him.

This strange legal strategy, to say the least, and underlines the fact [00:07:00] that this thing should be investigated. The Republicans in Congress should be up in arms. They should be dissecting this thing. You have in front of you, with the revelations about the Florida case, With now the revelations in New York the unwinding of an actual criminal conspiracy against Trump, which needs finally to be investigated by the Congress with prosecutorial referrals, real ones essentially stopping this whole mess.

So, today Trump is in Florida. He's actually holding something of a a meeting with donors about the vice presidency, setting up election integrity operations for the upcoming election a very useful type of counterplay to the nonsense, which is in the media. What we're finding over and over and over again in all of our And all of our forays with the population is optimism coming back, people very much [00:08:00] mobilized, asking what they can do, how they can act to save the country.

Now across the world, in Britain which we always monitor. It's very clear that the elections which were held last week are going to result in a Labour government. That doesn't necessarily mean a significant change in Britain. Labour as we go through the post war history actually proved to be the most vicious of British imperial governments that we encountered in our lifetimes.

And then finally, I'll close with the fact that the Chinese seem to be on the course of building a colony, perhaps first at the far side of the moon, at the moon's south pole which is viewed by everyone as the prime real estate for such a colony on the moon. Perhaps, like Sputnik, This will spur the United States to get behind Donald Trump's Artemis program as a crash program [00:09:00] and perhaps we'll learn that only a full scale economic mobilization of our productive economy, as Trump has called for, is going to get us out of this mess.

So, that's your Saturday wrap up and we'll see you again on Monday.